Q1: Where is your location?

Q2: How can I go there?
A2: Please call us by yourself for our complimentary pick-up & drop services. You may call us from your hotel, shopping center or restaurant and get dropped off anyplace you desire to go after shooting.
Discounts may not apply fully unless you call us directly.

Q3: How long does it take to shoot?
A3: Generally, it takes 30 - 45 minutes to complete shooting including pick-up and drop time. We have 14 shooting booths, so we can accommodate groups easily.

Q4: What is the AGE limits?
A4: All ages are welcome as all customers will be trained prior to shooting and accompanied by or certified range masters inside the range all times. Our facility is extremely safe and we have 9 certified and well experienced range masters. For young children, we require permission from parents.

Q5: Isn't it dangerous or scary?
A5: We have children guns (small caliber), Lady guns (small to medium caliber) and Gentlemen guns (medium to big caliber). Our range masters will educate you prior to shooting and assist you throughout the course of shooting. Most customers get nervous before they enter the range but they really enjoy it very much after shooting the first few rounds. They say it is the best activity to release your stress.

Q6: What kind of benefit do I have if I make reservation over Internet (this web site)?
A6: You will receive a complimentary key holder made out of real gun shell ($10 worth) and enjoy discounted price with more number of rounds. All reservation customers do not have to wait even if we are busy.

Q7: Are you using Factory bullets?
A7: Yes, we have the largest quantities & variety of factory bullet stocks on Guam. Please ask our sales manager if you are looking for a particular brand (i.e. bullets made in Eastern Europe, Russia or North Korea). We also carry reloaded bullets from Guam. Factory bullets are imported from all over the world and reloaded bullets are refilled in Guam. The refilled bullets contain less gunpowder.